About ICHB

Institute of Community Health Bangladesh (ICHB)

Introduction: A vital part of Dhaka Community Hospital (DCH) Trust. Which is approved by the ministry of health and family welfare of peoples republic Bangladesh & under the constitutional laws of –State health faculty.

This institutions plays a significant role to development of health and family planning, eradicate unemployment problem &producing skilled manpower.

From 2005 DCH Trust has been performing acutely to develop human resources & participating in many health- development trainings, projects & research,

ICHB- has been established. It is situated in the heart of the capital city- Moghbazar, Dhaka. Everyone can reach here from any corner of Dhaka city.

ICHB- is enriched to direct health technological courses granted by Govt. by their own well-planned skills and hygienic treatment facilities.

They have own decorated & comfortable building as well as best skilled teachers, at the same time foreigners & guest teachers from all over govt. colleges. More over foreigners visit regularly to build up students by giving practical training regularly.