Birahimpur Community Clinic Established In Pabna

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Birahimpur Community Clinic established in Pabna: DCH trust has been doing various research activities in collaboration with Harvard University, USA, Jadovpur University , India:
The following research programs are running in Birahimpur clinic:
(i) Case- Control Follow-up Study: this study was re-contacting the original 1800 participants as possible who take part in the case- Control study. Continuation of this study was to evaluate the chronic Effects of arsenic exposure on skin lesions, the effect of chronic arsenic exposure on glucose tolerance & the effectiveness of the arsenic Mitigation program on reducing arsenic exposure.
(ii) A New Mode Dose Environmental Arsenic Exposure Induce a Novel For of Cystic Fibrosis: this research study has assessed the relationship between environmental arsenic exposure, respiratory function & sweat chloride levels in Bangladesh.
(iii) Biomarkar of Arsenic Related Reproductive Study: this study focused on the arsenic affected area of Bangladesh with overall objectives to investigate the relationship between materal arsenic exposure & arsenic concentration in the infant, estimate the effects of arsenic exposure on adverse birth outcome such as low birth weight for gestational age.
(iv) Bangladesh follow-up : Metals & Child development study: The information of this study helped us learn how exposure to arsenic & other metals such as manganese & lead affect brain development in child.
(v) Arsenic Exposure & Immune Function Pilot Study: This study will help us learn how early life exposures to Arsenic & other metals may affect the developing immune System and children’s health.