DCHT has done arsenic mitigation at Upazila Shirajdikhan, Munshiganj

DCHT has done arsenic mitigation program at Upazila Sirajdikhan, Mushiganj. Sirajdikhan, Community Clinic established in 2001 as a Community based rural health Center with active participation of local community. At Sirajdikhan Upazila, the project was to provide safe drinking water supported by DPHE-UNICEF. There were 182 villages with a population of 2,72,000 comprising 49,475 Families. The major activities were: Community involvement, community awareness, community meeting, selection of appropriate technology , situation analysis and need assessment, site selection, training of Caretaker & users, installation of option research (dugwell, pond sand filter, rain water harvesting). DCH trust is doing various research activities on Arsenic & occupational Health Safety in collaboration with Harvard University, Oregon State University, USA, South Australian University, Jadovpur University, India.
The following research programs are Running in Sirajidkhan clinic:
i) Biomaker of Arsenic Related Reproductive study: This study focused on the arsenic affected area of Bangladesh with overall objectives to investigate the relationship between maternal arsenic exposure & arsenic concentration in infant, estimate the effects of arsenic exposure on adverse birth outcome such as low birth weight,low weight for gestational age.
ii) Bangladesh follow-up: Metals & Child development Study: The information of this Study helped us learn how exposure to arsenic & other metals such as manganese & lead affect brain development in child.
iii) Arsenic Exposure & Immune Function Pilot Study: This study will help us learn how early life exposures to arsenic & other metals may affect developing immune system of children’s health.