Dhaka Community Hospital Trust (DCHT)

Dhaka Community Hospital Trust (DCHT) is a trust-owned private, non-profit making and self financed organization providing health and health related care for low-income underprivileged people. The trust was formed in 1987 with six members. DCHT aim to implementing an integrated and sustainable community based health care delivery system in both urban and rural areas of Bangladesh. The idea is to bring safe health care facilities to the less affluent section of the population at an affordable cost. DCHT established a tertiary health care centre in Dhaka and primary & secondary health care centres in 30 locations in Bangladesh with active participation and ownership of local community. DCHT provides technical with manpower training and management support.


Help to develop of a sustainable, safe and integrated health delivery system (primary, secondary and tertiary health care) for common people with active participation of the community.


In alliance with community and other stakeholders, develop appropriate health services network and develop human resources to deal with health and health related issues and provide comprehensive and quality health care services to the marginalized and low-income section of population at an affordable price.

Major Activities

  • Health care (Primary, secondary & Tertiary) services
  • Arsenic mitigation (Leading Advocating Agency)
  • Safe water supply and Sanitation
  • Disaster management develop to work both at national and international level and when necessary at regional level.
  • Reproductive Health Care activities
  • HIV /AIDS and other communicable disease control programme
  • TB management
  • Intellectual disability programme
  • Rural Health Programs
  • School Health Programs
  • Industrial Health Programs
  • Training Programs
  • Collaborative Research (with Harvard University USA, South Australia University, Australia, IWMI Sri Lanka, SOES India),
  • Other Community development activity with and emphasis on gender equity