Dhaka Community Hospital Trust (DCH Trust)​

Dhaka Community Hospital Trust (DCH Trust) is a trust-owned private, non-profit making and self financed organization providing health care for low-income underprivileged people. It was established in 1988. Since its inception, Dhaka Community Hospital has been implementing with an integrated and sustainable health care delivery system at an affordable cost in both the urban and rural areas of Bangladesh. Besides basic health care services, this organization is also working for disaster management, arsenic mitigation, safe water supply and community based development program. Special focus and emphasis is given on gender equity. It has successfully introduced a health insurance scheme in its project areas. The idea is to bring modern health care facilities to the less affluent section of the population at a cost which they can afford. DCH Trust has a fully equipped hospital with 500 beds, as well as established medical institutes like Medical College, Institute of Community Health, Nursing Institute and various Paramedic and Medical technology courses.

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