Our Project & Research

DCH is the pioneer organization in the field of Arsenic contamination in Bangladesh. It really deserves the sole credit for highlight the serious health hazards caused by arsenic contamination in ground water. DCH has implemented deferent kinds of safe water options like River Sands Filter (RSF), Rain Water Harvesting, Dug-well, Water Quality Test etc. About 100000 people are getting arsenic free safe water in arsenic affected areas of Bangladesh. In addition DCH has implemented the following programme on Arsenic Mitigation and Safe Water

DCH has established an Arsenic Treatment Unit in Dhaka, where the arsenic patients receive health support at free of cost. These include treatment, food, medicine, investigation and surgical interventions too. Now 300 serious patients are getting hospital treatments regularly. In addition, 16000 arsenic patients are getting support from the hospital OPD.  To provide health support to the arsenic patients DCH has implemented the following programmes.

In Bangladesh, more than 250,000 cleft lip patients are left without any form of treatment whatsoever. Poverty makes it impossible for most of the cleft patients to get any surgical help. Their deformed facial structure keeps them from attending schools or finding a job. These patients are unfortunately, always neglected; especially girls.

DCH is implementing free, surgical treatments for Cleft Lip of underprivileged children of Bangladesh, in collaboration with MERCY Malaysia. The Programme was inaugurated by the Honorable Malaysian High Commissioner to Bangladesh.  DCH selects 50 poor patients from remote areas of Bangladesh for the programme. Besides free surgery, the patients and their attendants will also be provided with free medicine, food, accommodation and travel cost. DCH and MERCY Malaysia have scheduled a couple of such programmes in a year to provide health care for the low-income, underprivileged people. DCH and its well-trained surgical team in collaboration with the Malaysian surgical teams have successfully operated on 271 patients by using the existing facilities.

Dhaka Community Hospital Trust established in 1988. From its inception DCH Trust is running Rural Health Programme with active participation of local community. Up to now DCH Trust established 30 Community based Health Center in different areas districts of Bangladesh. Through these clinics, DCH Trust ensures basic health care to doorstep of community, EPI & FP programme, Reproductive Health, Specialized Care and Care of the elderly. These centers are centering for other community development activities like Community Empowerment, Health Education and Water & Sanitation, Planning, Implementation and Monitoring etc.

MERCY Malaysia and DCH has jointly established health education program to the arsenic affected vulnerable community of Bangladesh.

The Purpose of this project: To increase knowledge regarding water-sanitation-hygiene issues of the arsenic affected vulnerable community in order to reduce the morbidity rate of ‘ Diseases including water born & diarrhoea’ through providing health education at the arsenic affected vulnerable community in the selected unions at Kabarikhola village of Pabna district 

The project has implemented at Kabarikhola, Pabna, a village with 450 families and a total population of 2184. Kabarikhola is a village of union under district of Pabna (Rajshahi Division, Bangladesh).


Under this project, total numbers of beneficiaries were 900 (150 Families) at Kabarikhola village. The beneficiaries were Women, Children, poorest of the poor, poor, Old age villagers, community leader and school teacher

Industries Health or Work Place Care services

Dhaka Community Hospital (DCH) has developed and run an Industrial Health Insurance programme to provide health care services in different industries. Most work place clinics are located at spots where majority of workers are women (Garments). The satellite teams (doctors and paramedics) visit these industries at a regular interval (weekly or fortnightly). The team provide health education session through audio-visual tools, ante natal care (ANC), post-natal care (PNC) including breast feeding, motivation FP method acceptation, child care, education, environmental hygiene, reproductive health care, safe drinking water and food.

Research Programme

DCH Trust is doing various research activities on Health, Arsenic and Occupational Health Safety in collaboration with local and international organizations or institutions like Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University, Oregon State University-USA, Boston Children Hospital – USA, South Australia University, Jadovpur University-India, Universiti Sains Malaysia.

School Health Service Programme (SHSP)

DCH Trust has developed health services initiative for the school children. It is now providing health services to 16 schools of Dhaka City and Pabna. The programme is operating since 1990. Under SHSP, DCH provides Health Education on Personal Hygiene, Safe Environment and Reproductive Health Education for adolescent girls and boys.