About DCH Trust Management

DCH Trust was formed in 1988 with six members. Its aim to implementing an integrated and sustainable community based health care delivery system in both urban and rural areas of
Bangladesh. In administering the organization the Trustee is assisted and supervises finance, administration and HR maters, in cooperation with the Hospital Director, HR Director, Project and Research Director, Finance Director, Public Relation Director and Monitoring Director. Every different programme is overseen by the Chairman of Trustee Board. They are assisted by the departmental in-charge and managers, who look after offices in central and field level. Field or root-level staffs are Development Personnel, Health Personnel etc. There is a internal audit, monitoring and evaluation which is assisted by all programme staffs and responsible for giving regular programme auditing and monitoring reports to the management for DCH Trust making to implement all programme and activities effectively and efficiently following the set goals and objective. There are 550 full-time staffs who are implementing the health development programmes and activities in the headquarters and field-office levels.