Our Objective

The main objectives of this Trust is to develop a sustainable and need based Integrated Health Service Delivery System with the participation of community and develop skill manpower to sustain affordable health delivery service and other activities of the community. Following are the three major points in the objective:
At an affordable cost
Establish need based self finance and not for profit Health Care Service for the common people of the community
Establish training institute in order to develop community oriented quality health professional to cater the need based services
With these objectives in mind the trust started a small 25 beded hospital in a highly populated area in the capital city to provide day to day medical care at non profit basis. The Hospital was formed in 1988 with a core staff of few doctors, nurses and other personnel. All medical, surgical and Gynae and Obs problems were treated and quality care was ensured. Later on as the demand of the community development and support system further developed DCHT was able to establish a training and health center. It also develop a medical college, nursing institute and paramedic institute along with multi disciplinary primary and secondary health and health related activities. This center is also actively involved with various researches in collaboration with international academic bodies.