Dental Services

Outpatient Department
1. Diagnosis of the cases
2. Minor Oral Surgeries
A. Forceps Tooth extraction
B. Surgical tooth Extraction
C. Peri-redicular Surgeries
D. Jaw Cyst Management
E. Biopsy
F. Abscess Drainage
G. Oro facial Space infection Management
H. Oro facial Trauma Management
I. Follow up
In Patient Department (Major Maxillofacial Surgeries under G.A)
1. Jaw Fracture Management
2. Oral Malignancy Management
3. Tooth Impaction Management under G.A
4. Benign Jaw Tumor Management under G.A

1. Diagnosis the Patient
2. Lost tooth structure management by Restoration
3. Pulpal Pathology Management (Pain management) – pulp capping, pulpotomy, pulpectomy, Endodontic treatment (RCT)
4. Fixed Prosthesis
5. Peri-radicular Surgery
6. Traumatic tooth injury management.
7. Esthetic and Cosmetic Restoration

1. Diagnosis of Patient
2. Rehabilitation of Mouth by Fixed and Removable Prosthesis-
A. Removable Prosthesis - like
i. Complete Denture
ii. Partial Denture
B. Fixed Prosthesis - like
i. Crown prosthesis
ii. Bridge prosthesis

1. Diagnosis of the Patient
2. Management of Malocclusion - like
A. Spacing of the tooth
B. Crowding of the tooth
C. Bimaxillary Prognathism
D. Class II malocclusion
E. Class III malocclusion
3. Preventive Orthodontic Treatment and Correction of Oral bad habits
4. Follow up the cases

1. Diagnosis of the patient
2. Management of pulpal pathology (pain) like pulpectomy, apexification, apexigenesis
3. Extraction of retain deciduous tooth
4. Management of carious lesion in Deciduous and Mixed dentition
5. Management of Traumatic injury of Pediatric patient
6. Parent counseling and Behavior management

  1. Diagnosis of the Patient
  2. Management of gingival and periodontal diseases by ultrasonic scaling, deep curettage and root planning and Instructions to maintain Oral hygiene.
  3. Management of soft tissue diseases like Apthus Ulcer, Traumatic Ulcer, Hyperplasia of Gum and Periodontal pocket.