Clinical Laboratory Division (Pathology laboratory

Clinical Laboratory Division (Pathology Laboratory) of Dhaka Community Medical College Hospital is a rising and an enterprising department with young and energetic and experienced technical staffs. Our target is timely completion of examination results within agreed turnaround time.


Our aim is to strengthen health laboratory systems and professional practice for quality survive in our Organization.

Our Laboratory facilities

Clinical microbiology: Culture and sensitivity tests for various clinical specimens and Blood Culture by FAN method and by Automated Blood culture system Bactec FX 40.
Clinical Biochemistry:  Performed by Automated Biochemistry Analyzer (Siemens Dimension, EXL -200), Semi-auto Biochemistry analyzers, Electrolyte  analyzer,  NycoCard Readers, 
Immunochemistry:  By Chemiluminescence immunoassay(CLIA) i Flash 1200.
Hematology : Performed by 2 different Automated Hematology analyzer(XN-350 and XN-550).
Blood bank .
Apheresis (Apheresis Machine –Trima Aceel).

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